Deep Dive into Powering a 50amp RV: Our Lithium Battle Born Batteries System Install!

After we met some of the Battle Born Batteries team at RVX in Salt Lake City, we scheduled a full consultation with them to see what kind of system we would need to power our 42' Grand Design Solitude. We sat down with Sean and Denis from Battle Born Batteries to go over our power consumption, additional needs for our system, lithium vs lead acid, and so much more! This is definitely a long consultation but it is packed full of valuable information if you are considering a battery upgrade for your system. 

Watch the Consultation in the video below.

After our consultation, we decided to move forward with a full lithium battery installation! They hooked us up with an RV Dealership they recommended and they were able to get us in for our install. Our installation was done by Sprad's RV in Reno, NV and we are extremely happy with the results!

We opted for six lithium Battle Born 100 amp 12V batteries, a battery guard, two fuse kits, two MicroAir Softstarts, two Victron Energy 3000W Multiplus (inverter/charger), one Victron Energy BVM712 Battery Monitor, and one Color Control GX System Control Screen. 

Watch our install video below.

➝ Battle Born Batteries Contact Information:

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Address: 10000 S Virginia St, Reno, NV 89511


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