2020 Michigan Grand Design Owner's Rally

Event Date

May 13, 2020 to May 17, 2020

Contact Information

Wagon Master:
Jason and Amanda Varga - Brett Austin - Stacy Reber
Contact Email:


Hello Everyone!!!
Hard to believe that fall is almost here. It was very nice seeing old friends and meeting new ones at the National Rally. Big kudos to Pam & Red for an amazing event!!

Just wanted to give everyone the heads up that we will be making some very important announcements hopefully by mid next week regarding registration for Michigan 2020!

Please make sure you are set to receive notifications from these event pages so you can stay up to date on announcements as we are quickly approaching the time we would like to open registration.

Big things are coming for Michigan 2020!!!



Hello everyone!!!
Surprise!!!! we are early (well just a little) with 2020 rally details!!! If you have attended the National Rally some of this will look familiar to you.
We have put alot of information on one page and hopefully tried to answer most of the common questions.

REGISTRATION IS NOT OPEN YET. We are anticipating being ready to open by 10/1/19.


Registration will open 10/1/19 at 8:00am

Eventbrite link will be posted here shortly. 

We are really looking forward to this event


Good Afternoon Everyone!!

I know it's been a minute since we have given an update. We have been swamped with getting everyone's registration information entered into our attendee list. 

I wanted to thank everyone for responding so quickly if we requested additional information from you. It was kind of crazy crashing Eventbrite 


With owners continuing to register everyday. 

For those wondering about a waiting list. 

The waiting list will not start until all sites have been filled (with the exception of Area F) 
If a site becomes available prior to the waiting list starting we will add that site back onto Eventbrite as an available site. 
If a waiting list has been started and a site becomes available we will offer that site to first person on the waiting list. If the site is not accepted or we receive no response within 24 hours we will continue to offer that site to the next person on the waiting list. 

We need your help!! 
Soon we will be putting up a post with detailed information about volunteering at the at rally. We have received some offers already from attendees during registration. We can't thank everyone enough for this as there is just no way we could put this event on without your help!

A little MI Rally trivia for those intrested. 
We currently have more registered units today then we had in attendance in 2019. 
We may also be writing our own page in the GDRV Rally history book as the rally with the most Transcends in attendance!! That will be super Impressive!!  

Please continue to let us know if you have any questions.


Good morning everyone!!

We finally have information on Golf Carts.

We will be renting golf carts for rally operations from Full Ride Golf Carts in White Pigeon MI.

If you would like to rent a golf cart to use while attending the rally this process would be completed on your own. From our research Full Ride has the best prices.

Full Ride has a limited number of units avaiable for rent. Around 10 to 15 carts. They have provided us with a weekly rate of $250.00 delivered for a 4 passanger gas cart.

There are other options avaiable in the area if you wish to look elsewhere.

If you are wanting to reserve a cart with Full Ride you can reach them directly at (269) 483 -1333 and ask for Troy. Please let him know you are reserving for the Michigan Grand Design Rally in May.



Hello Everyone!!
We have a quick important announcement to make.
We have created a new Facebook page specifically for the Michigan Owners Rally. We realize that you could be thinking “oh no not another group page” … However, having this page will help all of us stay up to date with the most recent rally information. Also, we will have a lot more flexibility to post documents and pictures that are more user friendly. There are quite a few restrictions to the event tabs on each page that I know some of us have struggled with.
Below I am posting a link to the new page. Remember when you are requesting to join to please answer the request to join questions and agree to the group rules.
We will see you all over there!!
If you have any trouble joining the page, please feel free to reach out to one of us.

Event Location

Branch County Fairgrounds
262 S Sprague St
Coldwater , MI 49036
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Would like to be informed when registration opens. We would love to attend a rally!

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Info on registration will be avaiable during the week of 9/16/2019 please stay tuned. 

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I am interested as well

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Info on registration will be available during the week of 9/16/2019 please stay tuned. 

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Please inform me when registration opens.  We are eagerly awaiting the 2nd MI rally!!!

Thank you!

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Info on registration will be avaiable during the week of 9/16/2019 please stay tuned. 

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Where/how to register?

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Info on registration will be available during the week of 9/16/2019 please stay tuned. 

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