Lifestyle Ambassadors


Changing Lanes

We are Chad & Tara, husband & wife and best friends. It sounds cheesy, but you have to be that close, to live harmoniously in 400 square feet full time! Near the end of 2016, we wanted a change, an adventure, and thought that would be moving into a new home. Until one day, when Chad said, “What would you think of selling the house and everything in it, and hitting the road full-time in an RV?” 



Getaway Couple

We're Rae and Jason! In 2017 we decided to stop playing "Keeping Up with the Joneses" so we sold all of our belongings, found remote work and bought a Grand Design Solitude. This was our first RV and while we were nervous, we loaded up our dobie mix, Carmen and hit the road full time! We love sharing all of our lessons learned as first time RVers, as well as our mistakes, tips & tricks, and the best places to visit in the US. 



Nick Troutman

My name is Nick Troutman, I am a World Champion whitewater kayaker, husband, and father. I have always loved the Grand Design brand and dedication to the outdoor lifestyle. As a professional athlete, I am on the road ten months a year –traveling, and competing. We have partnered with GMC and Grand Design to document my family's experiences as explore the world in the pursuit of adventure.



Wandering Weekends

Wandering Weekends

We’re Cory and Brooke! Like many of you, we have full-time jobs, a home to take care of, kids (Townley and Beckett), and add to that a rescue pup (Tallulah).  We’d like to inspire you to just get out and go! Follow our adventures as we break away from the everyday to explore the Southeast and beyond in our Grand Design Imagine 2800BH. 



The Honor Flag

The Honor Network

Chris and Cindy Heisler are Grand Design Momentum 395M honors and travel the country as guardians of the U.S. Honor Flag. The flag has traveled over 7 million miles, by ground, air, and even on the last NASA space shuttle mission to Honor America’s Heroes. "Never forget" is our commitment to America's Heroes.