My name is Nick Troutman, I am a World Champion, professional athlete, husband, father, and whitewater kayaker. I have always loved the Grand Design brand image and dedication to the outdoor lifestyle. As a professional athlete I am on the road up to 10 months a year traveling, competing and exploring with my family. We have used other RV's for the past several seasons, though this year we have partnered with GMC and Grand Design to document our experiences as we travel all over the world in the families pursuit of adventure.

My resume includes World Champion, World Cup Champion and North American Champion, as well as being part of several expeditions and first descents. My wife is also a 3x World Champion, 8x National Champion, and completes us as the kayaking power couple. To round off our all-American family, we have a 4-year old son, Tucker, a 1-year old daughter, Parker, and two fun loving dogs.

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